Here, at last, is the definitive chart explaining which of your favorite Avalon characters is reincarnated as which other ones throughout the aeons. There are nine lines of “descent”.

Soul Names

Isarma Adsartha Osinarmen Eilantha

Web of Light and Web of Darkness, aka The Fall of Atlantis

Domaris Deoris Micon Riveda Reio-ta

Ancestors of Avalon

Micail Tiriki Damisa Tjalan

Sword of Avalon

Anderle Velantos Miikantor Tirilan Galid

The Forest House / Lady of Avalon, Part One

Caillean Eilan Gawen Gaius

Priestess of Avalon


Lady of Avalon, Part Two

Dierna Teleri Carausius Allectus

Lady of Avalon, Part Three

Viviane Ana Vortimer

The Mists of Avalon

Viviane Morgaine Arthur Lancelot Uther Igraine Mordred